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Ursula Henry Associate Broker, Harry Norman Realtors // October, 2001 - August, 2011

I have been training with Nash since about 2001 and I could not ever imagine using anyone else. I have used many trainers over the years but Nash has been the total package. He is my trainer, sport coach, friend and confidant. In my business I come under quite a bit of stress and I can easily lose myself in my work and its erratic schedule. Nash has not only given me the physical change that I have been looking for but also the motivation, energy and excitement to keep those training appointments and do my additional training on my own.

My stress level has balanced out and I feel like I have the physical and mental strength now to take on my career challenges. The word “Can’t” is not in my vocabulary now and I know that it isn’t in Nash’s either. I have come to love setting physical goals along the way with Nash and I have since completed several triathlons, road races and one duathlon which Nash was enthusiastic to be my partner on. In today’s market there are not many sure things but I promise that Nash is one investment you will get a guaranteed return on.

Joseph L. Williams, M.Div. Pastor and Educator // January 10, 2002 - December 21, 2011

The past seven years of my life have been my very best! Happiness, health, as well as a sound mind have been the major ingredients which have allowed me to feel as I have expressed. For seven years, Nash Tehrani has been instrumental in me achieving my happiness, health as well as a sound mind. He transcends just some brute telling you “10 more reps!!” but rather, he has become a person who has taught me to motivate myself as well as to want it not for him but for me.

Nash’s style of training is one that is very unique, plus his approach to each client seems to be one that is specifically tailored to that specific person. When you hire Nash, you’re not just hiring a trainer but rather a tailor who will put you on track to achieve your goals. Because of Nash I am 100lbs lighter, 10xs healthier, but most importantly, I have never felt so good about myself, body, as well as what the future holds for me!! Thanks Nash!! (View Joe's Before & After Pics!)

Joseph L. Williams, M.Div.

Robert H. Partner intown lawfirm // May 23, 2002 - Present

I started training with Nash believing that I needed to learn some new exercise techniques to make my time in the gym more productive. What I discovered is that good exercise is a long-term commitment and investment in yourself. As a result, I've been training with Nash for about 7 years now. Nash helps me achieve my short-term goals but never at the expense of long-term development. He motivates me to continue training and we have become great friends. He listens to my goals and helps me achieve them.

John Folsom Art Professional // June 15, 2004 - Present

For years I worked out in the gym and could see little or no results. I had worked out with a physical trainer in the past but never saw any significant gains in muscle mass or weight reduction. When speaking with Nash initially, we decided on an approach that would deliver what I was looking for. He tailored a workout regimen and created a diet plan that helped me lose the weight I wanted. As I changed, the workouts changed to create a more defined, leaner body. I am extrememly happy with the results and can't thank Nash enough for putting me in the best physical condition of my life.

John Folsom

Geetha Nadiminti Partner, Ford & Harrison LLP // July 15, 2010 to Present

As an avid exercise enthusiast who has worked out regularly since I was about 15 years old, I thought I was in really good shape, but then I met Nash!

I moved to Atlanta in 2005 after battling breast cancer. Since then I have used FIVE trainers at three different gyms and, quite simply, Nash is not only the absolute best trainer I have ever had, he is entirely in a league of his own. Nash has an uncanny and intuitive ability to assess each person's body and to design a workout regimen that produces the desired results. I swear it's like a sixth sense he has. I am stunned by how my body has changed in the last few months. Best of all is that Nash understands the importance of balancing rigorous goal-oriented workouts and living an enjoyable life – he doesn't prescribe unreasonable dieting or relentless training. He understands moderation!

Nash always says to me, just do as I say and you will get the results you want. That is exactly what I see! Others must see it, too, because I've received a number of compliments since I have been training with Nash. In fact, recently I was walking down the street with a friend, and she noticed my toned, muscular legs and asked whether I run. I literally replied, "No, I 'Nash.'!!"

David Eblen Manager, Properties and Purchasing (Piedmont Heart Institute) & Actor // September 28, 2004 - August 16 2010

For a couple of years I had been trying to lose weight and get myself in better physical condition by doing cardio several days a week. But, it didn't work. In fact, I continued to gain weight. When I started working out with Nash, he encouraged me to try a new plan of working with a combination of weights and cardio and then modifiying my diet.

Over time, I lost several inches around my midsection and added muscle tone and definiton to my arms, legs and core. It wasn't always easy, but these changes helped me realize a better body and as a result, more confidence in my daily life. I can't count the number of times friends and family have commented on the change I have made. I would recommend Nash, without hesitation, to anyone, no matter your age or current physical situation, who is ready to make a serious change in their health and well being.

Rachel Hovey Owner, Body Connection // August 24, 2006 - June 10,2010

I’ve been active my whole life. Since the age of four, I danced. Throughout high school and college I spent up to five hours a day dancing four days a week. I like to move, I like to be strong, I’m vain, and I like to look good. After I stopped dancing in my mid-twenties, I moved naturally into a career teaching Pilates. For the first couple years, I did Pilates solely, no other physical activities really, plus the occasional dance class. Although my core was strong and I was more flexible than I had ever been, I wasn’t satisfied with my body. I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be. Then Nash enters my life.

I started training with him in August of 2006. I had recently taken up rock climbing at the local climbing gym Wall Crawler Rock Club. Since I felt fairly physically fit, I told Nash my goal was to be able to do one pull-up by the end of the year (four months away) and to focus my workouts around becoming a stronger climber. Nash also started climbing with me, becoming my main climbing partner, motivating me there as well. By the end of the year, I am glad to say I could do not only one pull-up, but TWO! Yeah! I felt lean and strong, stronger than I had been since my dancing days.

Nash is an excellent trainer for women. Many female friends of mine have regretted going to a trainer only to “bulk up” after a few sessions. The combination of exercises Nash chooses will make you stronger, without the bulk, a result I think most ladies want. Also, don’t let Nash’s relaxed, casual, funny personality fool you, he will make you work hard, meet your goals…and sweat!

Kate Krause Health & Wellness Consultant/ Therapeutic Yoga Instructor // August 5, 2008 - January 20, 2010

My friend gave me Nash's phone number when my wedding dress arrived 2 months before the Big Day and didn't fit. What I thought was a disaster at the time has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Despite the fact that I exercised frequently and teach yoga, Nash pushed me harder than I would have ever pushed myself and he kept me going when I would have said "that's good enough." His smart technique gave me energy and motivation to continue rather than leaving me exhausted and sore all the time. I finally lost the weight that I had come to believe was just a part of my life after trying other diets and exercise programs with no success. This is the most confident and healthy I've felt in a long time. And, the wedding dress fit perfectly!!

Elise D. Retired Physician’s Assistant; Currently the Coordinator of the B’nei Mitzvah Program at Temple Sinai // September 20, 2011 - Present

I began training with Nash in the Fall of 2011, after feeling a bit defeated by a Half Marathon I had run in September that year. My initial workout goals were to feel stronger at the finish of the next race that I had forced myself to sign up for about 3 months away. Additionally, I set longer term goals of improving muscle strength and learning how to incorporate strength training on a regular basis.

Nash opened my eyes to a number of muscle imbalances I was “carrying” , and we began to work to correct these. It was almost laughable that I had as much trouble with simple balance work as I did initially, but we worked through that par and I gained a lot of confidence physically.

I can honestly say that at the race I had scheduled for myself in December 2011 with my sister, I kept being surprised at each mile I finished that it had “already been another mile”! I have continued to work with Nash to maintain overall strength and fitness, and have set a number of intermediate goals since then that he has helped me achieve. Workouts are fun, fast and leave me feeling accomplished. Nash brings a lot “to the table” in terms of knowledge, training and experience, and has given me countless tips about nutrition, stretching, injury prevention and strategies for scheduling workouts/planning training. I could not recommend him highly enough no matter the fitness level at which you are starting: you will move ahead working with Nash!

Brooke Jackson Edmund Mother & Professional // February 7, 2002 - Present

Nash has been my personal trainer since January 2002! Nash's academic training and personal commitment to his clients make him a wonderful trainer who understands how to produce results for his clients. He has trained me through the birth of three children; helped me win the title of "least changed" at my 20th high school reunion and prepared me for many beach vacations. As the mother of three young children and a busy professional I really appreciate that Nash is flexible when scheduling our workouts. I am happy to offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Nash Tehrani!

Brooke Jackson Edmond dressed in 1930's period costume.

Lawrence Viele Davidson Journalist // January 5, 2003 - Present

There are 75 reasons I'd hire Nash Tehrani to train me. They are the 75 pounds he helped me take off and keep off for 10 years. Nash has, at each session, tailored a session to fit my mood and physical needs while keeping the big picture in mind, total fitness. Body, Mind, Spirit.

I meet Nash at the gym now but after I had my baby in 2010, he came to see me. He held my baby while I lunged, squatted and lifted my way back to pre-partum fitness. Nash can meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey and get you where you want to go with tough compassion and brilliant workouts.

Shuo & Rebecca Chou Systems Engineer Senior for Lockheed Martin and Teacher, respectively. // October 5, 2010 - August 8, 2011

My husband and I made a commitment last year to live a healthier life. We called Nash because we liked him. We soon found out that we made a great choice for a trainer. Nash knows what he’s doing, he understands true health, he knows how the human body works, and he’s sensitive to individual strengths and weaknesses. He has been able to customize weekly workouts that really target the areas on which we need to focus at a level that is tough but sustainable.

I have also gained motivation to push myself as hard as he pushes us whenever we’re not working out without him. I NEVER would have worked out so hard on my own. Now I do and I have a routine that is efficient and effective…and I enjoy it! Nash is able to train us both at one time in a way that benefits our unique needs. He also customizes our workout to our ability, our mood, and our goals. Shuo and I have noticed amazing results with how we look and how we feel. Thank you, Nash, for empowering us and leading us to a healthier life!

Ann Woolner Journalist // March 13, 2007 - July 16, 2012

I thought personal trainers were for other people when, in my mid-50s, I realized I needed to do something to keep my bones strong, my muscles toned and maybe lose a few pounds. I needed help from someone who knew what s/he was doing because of spinal problems I didn't want to aggravate. So, on the recommendation of a friend who had switched gyms to stay with Nash, I signed on.

He's exactly what I needed, and still need. He knows how to push me without overdoing it, which moves are good for my spine and which ones aren't. His workouts get my heart pumping and my muscles moving. I'm amazed at my increased strength and endurance, and my physician noticed a clear improvement in my heart rate. Nash also gives good advice on an array of health- related issues, and our workouts are the one time I know I'll be doing something good for myself, even when my discipline's at a low point.

And oh yea. Nash is lots of fun and a real, solid guy. I consider him a good friend.

Sharon Howard Vice President, Marketing, RelayHealth // March 23, 2009 - Present

When I started training with Nash I was ready to concede that I would have lower back pain for the rest of my life. After many months of going to physical therapy I decided to try a trainer instead.

What a difference that made! I no longer have lower back pain and I have gotten much fitter in the process. Nash is the perfect trainer for me…a combination of knowledge, skill, humor and a no-nonsense approach to good health and exercise habits. He ensures that I get the most out of every session, and I am always in a positive frame of mind when I am finished.

I would recommend Nash Tehrani for anyone who wants to make sure that they achieve their physical goals and objectives!